Minggu, 13 September 2009

as Sayyid al Quthb Mawlana ash Shaykh Muhammad Nadheem al Haqqaani speak on Lailat al Qadr [concise]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم . Lailat al Qadr is a holy night. All Nights of Ramadan are holy nights but Lailat al Qadr is the holiest night of this holy month. It comes only once a year and Allah Almighty grants to His most praised, most beloved Servant Sayyidinaa Muhammad this holy night, the Nigh of Power‏ {ليلة القدر}People on this night are going to be on several different levels. No doubt we are on the lowest level, so we are hoping in this night to attain the honor and illumination granted in it. Allah - Allah ‏-Kareem, ‎‏Allah - 'Azeez - Allah ‎ Subhanallah- {الله الله كريم ، الله عزيز ، الله سبحان الله} ‏ Oh our Lord, Raise up Your work and bring down the word of destructive disbelief and evil which seeks to harm Your human beings and all other creations by means of destined appointed and authorized sultan from Your Divine Presence , Bihurmat al Habeeb wa bihurmat al Fatiha {بحرمة الحبيب وبحرمة الفاتحة} . انتهي . والله أعلم .Posted by abdullah afif mahalli ‎ عبد الله عفيف محلي kauman wiradesa pekalongan jawa tengah INDONESIA

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